Luke 18:1 AMP
Now Jesus was telling the disciples a parable to make the point that at all times they ought to pray and not give up and lose heart…
Let’s continue to hold the nations and its people in our prayers. Below please find the Prayers of the Church. This list will be updated on Thursday mornings. If you would like to add a name to the prayer list, please do so by Wednesday at 5 pm to be included on the weekly list. Send your prayer requests and updates to: When your prayers have been answered, please send us your praise report.  
Prayers of the Church:
Amy Buck
Phyllis Decker
Cheryl Howell
Harmon Family
Oswald Family
Chris Couch
Melissa Hopkins
Ricky Howell
Kathey Janney
Ken Hopkins
Teresa Strickland
Dave Amos
Cheryl Hopkins
Herma O’Brien
Bruce Patrick
Thedra Robinson
Kelly Scholl
Robin Bohler
Leslie Beck
Jordan Vaughn
Horace Messervy
Roger & Moni Nalls
Melanie Bennett
Joselyn Hansbarger
Erica Grover
Chanel Bean
Carolyn Ward
Sue Ann Strickland
Casey Smith Ward
Sheila Tucker
Chris Russo
Stan Beck
Shirley A. Bowen
Shelly Noisette
Chet Novack
Lucy Cantley
Freddie Catanese
Laurie Barrie (Heather Wade’s grandmother)
Julie Carter (daughter of Vic and Jane Warren)
Jean Myer (sister to Mary Grube)
Jeff Harrell
Linnis Torrence (mother of Sam (Tammy) Torrence)
Kathy Patee (Bobby Jones’ sister)
Randy Morris
Bob Tipton
Tom Adams
Marie Burkert
Ginger Atwell
Keith and Mary Fawcett
Peggy Sansbury
Beth Tarnow
Joy Thompson
Velma Poland
Barbara Robertson
Devon McCoil
JIm Higgins
Alice Dutart
Terry Hannah
Francine Campbell (Harriet Flippo’s sister)
Jeff Pandora’s Family
Yarissa Thomas
Max Kraftchick
Glen Swilling
Alan Bruce (friend of Deidre Smith)
Mike Reilly ( friend of Deidre Smith)
Gordon Brown
Brett Porter (eldest brother of Michael Porter)
Nancy Gibson
Pete Smith (friend of Mark Cook)
Arric Courneya (The Shrestha’s cousin)
Betty Farmer Family
Patsy Richards
Steve Kyzer & Family
Jan and Mike Herchak
Alan Nagy (friend of Pastor Robert and Mrs. Cindy)
Ellen Carson Nettles (Grandmother of the Cook Family)
Paige Heape (car wreck)
Family of Brian Beoddy (friend of Mark Cook)
Randy Woods Family
Christy Nettles Family
Bobby Jones
Annette Santenella (traveling mercies as she travels to NYC)
Dominick Santenella (Annette’s father – healing prayers needed)
Care Facilities/Homebound:
Ruth Bello
Brownie Calvert
Arden Conley
Betty Farmer
Linda Sue Horres
Betty Knight
Regina Knight
Joann Kopp
Peggy Rector
Specialized Care Centers/Senior Living Facilities with visitation restrictions


Kelsey Rebeck
Dalton Clasby
Olivia Hartig
Zeke Jorgensen
Aria Lupo
Serenity Kinsley
Rosie Gallagher
Aaron Ritz
Nora Robinson
Mary Faith Israel
Zebulon Israel
Ansley Winningham
Jackson Bannevich
Mark Rodgers
Ava Heyward
Hannah Wade

Special Requests:

United States of America/State & Local Governments/Armed Forces
The United Methodist Church / Bishop Jonathan Holston, SC Conference
Rev. Dr. Sandra Stevens-Poirel, Charleston District Superintendent
Reverend Jim Hyatt
John and Mary Long, Beautiful Feet Ministries
COVID-19 Health Care Specialists &        First Responders